Gourmet cuisine

While on board you will enjoy a gourmet cuisine, a mix of Italians and Polynesian flavors for a balanced
and varied menu: fresh fish prepared in accordance with the highest gastronomical standards, vegetables
and tropical fruit, accompanied by a cold Hinano, the beer of the islands, or a selection of French wines.

The lightness and exquisiteness of dishes come from the choice of first quality ingredients: Italian
delicacies as extra virgin olive oil and homemade pasta combined with fresh local food products, a choice
also aimed at supporting the local economy of the islands.

Our breakfast:

· A great Italian coffee or English tea
· Toasted or home made bread
· Our famous tropical home made marmalade: Pineapple, papaya, bananas
· and an exquisite freshly made natural yogurt

Some ideas for a light and delicious lunch:

· Marinated fish fillets
· Mahi Mahi tartare with lime, almonds and parsley
· Tahitienne king fish on crudités

and of course some of our famous carpaccio:

· with mango and ginger
· with chopped parsley, thyme, olives and capers from Pantelleria
· marinated in coconut milk with nuts and mint
· with celery and almonds

Classic and creative cocktails and long drinks, our aperitifs, with rum, fresh fruit and spices:
Rum punch – Piñacolada – Mohito – Ti-punch – Daiquiri – Bananacolada

For dinner, our fish specialties:

· King fish fillet with butter and capers with steamed vegetables
· Mediterranean couscous fish
· Grilled covalie with vegetables of the islands
· Tuna steak with rosemary and baked potatoes
· Mahi mahi in dadotti with aubergines
· Papillotte fillets with orange accompanied by Creole rice
· Mahi mahi with oil, lime, and parsley sauce with green papaya choucroute

… and the meat:

· Entrecote in tagliata, green pepper and balsamic vinegar sauce with backed potatoes
· Grilled skewers and baked pumpkin with ginger and spices
· Chicken curry with rice in coconut milk
· Italian Roasted Chicken with crunchy vegetables

or a few more unique dishes of pasta of the best Italian tradition:

· Mahi mahi crespelle with aromatic herbs and lemon cream sauce
· Italian spaghetti alla crudaiola (fresh tomatoes, basil, olives, capers from Pantelleria)
· Linguine with lobster… and much more!